Personalized workplace catering

Fuel your team with catering from top local restaurants.

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Personalized Catering

Personalized catering

Stop worrying about pleasing everyone with one restaurant. Choose meals from over 20 different restaurants in a single order.


Exclusive pricing

By pooling demand from all around the city and leveraging our delivery network, we’re able to unlock the best prices for our customers.
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“Cubbi is a great partner for Fit Kitchen. Their innovative model targeting corporate wellness is a game changer!”

Chef Jason

Fit Kitchen Star 1 5
Calgary, AB

Waste Food

No more wasted food. When everyone gets what they want, you’ll never have to worry about portion sizes again.

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Accommodate your team’s diverse preferences through our wide range of restaurants in a single order.


Delivered between 9-11:30 a.m. just in time to enjoy a delicious lunch!


Live web and mobile support for all catering orders. We are here to help the entire way.

What they’re saying about us!



“Cubbi’s delivery to our door is innovative and convenient for our lawyers and staff. Cubbi is a cost-effective benefit for our employees and the firm and much appreciated by our employees.”

Mcleod Law
Karryn Mysyk
Human Resources Manager

Healthy & affordable

“Healthy local meals, affordable, free delivery, convenient etc.—we have been using Cubbi for over a year, and the service has been fantastic! They always go the extra mile to make sure we are happy with everything.”

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Jessie Evashenko
Executive Assistant

Locally sourced!

“As a software company with staff in training and support roles that tie them to the phone, they can’t always run out at lunch. We are delighted to partner with Cubbi to offer our team healthy, locally sourced, and prepared food without all the extra fees!”

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Amanda Gibson
Business Administrator

Exceptional customer service

“With Cubbi, every lunch feels like a treat! The app is user-friendly, intuitive, and makes the whole process of ordering and picking up my meal effortless. What truly sets them apart is their exceptional customer service and how affordable the meals are.”

Exceptional Customer Service!
Levi Kuta
General Manager

Why Cubbi is loved!

“Since partnering with Cubbi, the customer service has been fantastic, and they have wonderful meal options. You can order sushi, salads, and more. It is reasonably priced, and the food is just delicious.”

Roseanne Lepage
Manager & Office Distributor Services

For everyone

$20 flat delivery fee
No order minimums required
Access to our incredible kitchen network
No hidden fees
Mobile and web-based platform

For members

Free deliveries on all catering orders
Member exclusive pricing and discounts
Company-wide access to personal daily deliveries
Use credits toward catering orders
Mobile and web-based platform

Join over 100 companies using Cubbi Catering to fuel their teams

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Exceptional Customer Service!